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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Review: Artridge - "Finished Soundtracks For Unshot Films"

Artridge - "Finished Soundtracks For Unshot Films" (CD) - Interlink Audio
Reviewed by: GunHed

If Mlada Fronta and In The Nursery got pregnant, Artridge is what would pop out of the womb. Mixing orchestrated music with Technoid, musicians Robin Pleil and Christoph Mainz create some very stylish and tasty compositions on their second album "Finished Soundtracks For Unshot Films."

Operating in the past under the name Arsenal, Robin and Christoph of Artridge have been involved in various bands and music projects over the years. This experience in music shines through brilliantly on "Infusion" where the comparisons to In The Nursery are the heaviest. The only weak moment comes with the inclusion of the awful guitar heavy "Exile" that totally ruins the flow of the album. The following tracks, "Omsk," "Tube," the beautifully epic "Disposition" and "Mod Rat" get the album back on track, but something about them just doesn't measure up to the first 3 tracks. Maybe it's the fact that "Exile" left such a bad taste in my mouth and the mood was lost.

Overall, "Finished Soundtracks For Unshot Films" is a very solid release but I feel loses a little momentum after the first three tracks, unfortunately. A word of advice guys, throw out the 90s metal influences of "Exile" and stick to what you're good at; creating dark Technoid soundscapes and smooth Electronica.

Endzeit Bunkertracks On Sale Now

The new Alfa-Matrix 4CD compilation "Endzeit Bunkertracks" is now available for purchase. The compilation features 60 tracks, 50 of which are rare or unreleased exclusives. "Endzeit Bunkertracks" features tracks by Hocico, Suicide Commando, Dive, Run Level Zero, Aslan Faction, Project-X, Hioctan, Implant, The Retrosis, Plastic Noise Experience, Punto Omega, God Module, C-Drone Defect, Agonoize, Fractured and many more!


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Relic Leaves UV To Start New Project

Relic, one of the founding members of the Electro-Industrial band UV has officially parted ways with the group on good terms to start a new project called My Villain. The debut release, "Slow Decay," will be availabe in the summer of 2005, featuring vocals from Relic's wife, Angela. My Villain promises to be a studio only project with no plans for tours or live shows.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Review: CFX/XNDL - "The Plague"

CFX/XNDL - "The Plague" (Split CD-R) - Enfant Terrible
Reviewed by: GunHed

"The Plague" is the first release from new Dutch label Enfant Terrible. The release is a split between the two German acts CFX and XNDL.

Both acts play off a strong cinematic sound (i.e. epic percussion and dark orchestrations). This technique is similar to bands like In The Nursery, for instance. Each project contributed 4 tracks, all of which dance with experimental electronica and drum 'n' bass, but again, with a strong film score quality. Tracks like CFX's "Glad To See," blend hectic hard percussion and tension with slight moments of somber piano passages. The track "Startrek" moves with a more dark-tech approach, mixing tribal elements, retro sounds and Gothic orchestration. XNDL offer fast-paced rhythmic assaults with a plethora of film samples. XNDL fail to really hold my interest, though. Especially on tracks like, the rather boring, "Terrorizer." "The Plague" ends with a remix of Danzig's classic "Mother" remixed by Radikale Analog Fraktion. I actually ended up enjoying this track the most out of all of them.

Overall, "The Plague" is a decent first release from Enfant Terrible with CFX contributing the stronger tracks of the two. If you enjoy lo-fi experimental noise with a film score quality, you will probably end up enjoying "The Plague." Nothing too interesting, but good for a few listens at least.

New Single From De/Vision

Coming out Janaury 17th, 2005 is the latest six-track maxi single entitled "Turn Me On" from the Synthpop band De/vision. The single includes remixes from Delobbo, Wave In Head and Rename, plus the single edit of the song "Unputdownable." The single is taken from De/Vision's latest album "Six Feet Underground." You can expect "unstoppable lush melodies and the infectious grooves synonymous with De/Vision's unique electro-pop sound."


Minus Habens Release Evilenko Soundtrack

Italian label Minus Habens is set to release the soundtrack to "Evilenko." The soundtrack was created by American composer Angelo Badalamenti. Angelo Badalamenti has written for "Evilenko" a "new unforgettable soundtrack, revealing the obscure psycological paths of one of the most dreadful serial killers of the history: the Monster of Rostov." One of the tracks on the soundtrack entitled "Angels Go To Heaven" features Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Review: Phenotract - "Within A Second"

Phenotract - "Within A Second" (CD) - Tinman Records
Reviewed by: GunHed

Phenotract was started in 1999 by Eric Shans as a means of experimenting with electronic sounds, textures, and rhythms to create synthetic workouts geared for both the dance floor and the mind. "Within A Second," the bands debut album was also co-produced by Isaac Glendening of Cesium 137.

Musically, Phenotract tread familiar ground, mixing EBM, House, Tribal, Trance and other forms of electronic music. Eric definitely didn't set out to recreate the wheel, but for what it is, it's well executed. Phenotract's style is similar to bands like Headscan, Haujobb, Implant or Dark Illumination. Best tracks for me are "Freezetime" "Waves" and the amazingly mellow "Drifts." Eric's vocals blend really well with the music. His very soft and whispered style flows with the music perfectly, sometimes reminding me of Daniel Myer of Haujobb.
I do feel a few tracks could have been worked on a bit more. A lot of the times I felt like Phenotract was just going through the motions and offering nothing new or exciting. Especially on tracks like "Motionstate" where the same idea is repeated for 6+ minutes. This technique might work wonders on the dance floor but in the confines of my home it grows quite tiresome.
"Within A Second" is a solid album with only a few minor flaws. I would definitely recommend this album to those that like mid tempo Electro that is well programmed and produced.

Diary Of Dreams Release Mini-Album

As a follow-up to their last album, "Nigredo," Diary Of Dreams presents the new mini-album "MenschFeind." More than just an ordinary sequel, "MenschFeind" is a pun that refers to the hatred of man by combining the terms "man" and "foe." All the material on "MenschFeind" is new or exclusive. This new mini-album will be released on March 8th, 2005, on Metropolis Records


Metropolis Records In 2005

After a short stint on Sanctuary Records, KMFDM will be returning to Metropolis in 2005, releasing "FUBAR," a new record scheduled for early September 2005. A single is planned to precede the album during the spring. Also rejoining Metropolis Records this upcoming year is Noise Unit, the revived side-project of Front Line Assembly. The new album will be the first release from the band since 1997’s "Drill." Other notable signings for 2005 include: Mindless Self Indulgence, Girls Under Glass, Combichrist, 16Volt, God Module and Psyclon 9.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Compilation From Aztech Records

Out now is the first CD-R compilation from new label Aztech Records. This cd ranges from "dark elektro" to "rhythmik industek noise." Gathering music from all over the globe (Germany, Mexico, USA, Brazil and Argentina), "Aztech Compilation Vol 1" features music from Notaufnahme, Gewaltakustik, Asphyxiation Death, W.A.S.T.E., Parkinsson, .V.L.A.D The Impaling Machine, Mortal Void, Alien Produkt, Dawn Of Ashes and more. The compilation will run you $5 + shipping.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Album From :Wumpscut:

Coming out on April 4th, 2005 is the brand new album from :Wumpscut: entitled "Evoke." The album features remixes from Suicide Commando, Kirlian Camera, :W:, Dismantled, Yendri, Nersoton, Naked Beat, Cerebral Apoplexy and the 3 remix contest winners (Recently Deceased, Sacdar and Brain Leisure). The album contains 11 tracks in all including a 12-page booklet. There will be a bonus track entitled "Clicks And Deaths" on the "Evoke" 2CD (EU) version of the album.


New Album From CombiChrist

After releasing two albums with his band Icon Of Coil last year and releasing an album by his side project Panzer AG, singer Andy LaPlegua will soon release the second album from his project CombiChrist entitled "Everybody Hates You" on March 8th, 2005. The European version of the album will be a double-CD release. This is the first new album since 2003's "The Joy Of Gunz" released on Out Of Line Records.


Reissue For Battery Cage

The long deleted debut album "Product" from Battery Cage will finally be seeing the light of day on January 10th, 2005. The album is being reissued by Solidgreysky Records. Originally intended for release in 1998, "Product" has been completely reworked and remastered. An aggressive blend of "harsh vocals, distorted synths, and powerful breakbeats, "Product" draws upon influences such as Numb and Lassigue Bendhaus."


Free EP From Stochastic Theory

Somehow I missed the news of this release but apparently Stochastic Theory released a free EP before Christmas. Anyways, the release, entitled "Dialogue" features 6 tracks in all, including remixes from Backandtotheleft, Dekoy, Caustic and PTI. The release is available for download in both 128 and 192 bitrates and comes with full cover art included.


Review: Phallus Über Alles - "Iron Woman"

Phallus Über Alles - "Iron Woman" (CD) - Fatal Recordings
Reviewed by: GunHed

Phallus Über Alles is a female fronted Digital Hardcore act birthed from the womb of the Industrial collective Slave Indvstries. The band is out to prove that whatever men can do, women can do (and better).

Throughout their first album, the aptly titled "Iron Woman," the band spit out strong feminist anthems like "Phallus Über Alles" and "Cockpit." Other tracks, like the spoken word piece "Future Homemakers Of America," Ultra-fast Jungle beats take center stage while distorted rants permeate the background. The track reminds me of something you would hear on a Consolidated record.

"Iron Woman" has all the style of early 90s Coldwave infused with modern Jungle beats, Noise, angry female vocals and tons of Punk attitude. "Iron Woman" is easily the best Digital Hardcore record I've heard all year. A must buy for those into Digital Hardcore Punk. Soon to be destroying dance floors all over the globe (if it isn't already!).

The Return Of Orange Sector

Seminal German EBM act Orange Sector are set to return in 2005 with the release of the aptly titled album "Here We Are [Back Again]." The album is being released by German label Infacted Recordings. The album will feature "80 minutes of pure EBM smash hits!" Past releases from Orange Sector include "Faith," "Flashback," "Masquerade," and probably what their best known for, "Kids In America."


New Album From Girls Under Glass

Coming out on January 31st, 2005 is the latest album from Girls Under Glass entitled "Zyklus." This follows the previously released CDM "Ohne Dich" (which featured Peter Spilles of Project Pitchfork fame). The new album "Zyklus" features 12 tracks in all, 3 of which can be downloaded for free (2 samples of "Truly Living" and "Feuerengel" and the full version of "In The Darkness") on the Girls Under Glass website. The band is also out on the road playing shows to support the new album.


Monday, January 03, 2005

Review: PTI - "Blackout"

PTI - "Blackout" (CD) - Wax Trax 2
Reviewed by: Gunhed

After the superb EP "S.O.S." released back in 2002 (easily in my top 10 for that year), PTI finally unveil their debut album entitled "Blackout" on Wax Trax II Records. The band, consisting of members Eric Dusik and Phil Fox, strive to put Chicago firmly back on top of the American Industrial map.

As before, PTI utilize a mixture of melodic and aggressive male vocals which accentuate their warm electronic melodies, hard beats and intricate programming talents. The album contains not one, but three full-fledged dance floor hits, "Gone Silicon," "IDentify" and quite possibly my favorite track released in 2004, "Databass," where the band best demonstrates their now signature use of dueling melodic/aggressive male vocals. The boys really know how to pack a punch with tracks like "Condemnation," where PTI show that you can be aggressive without adding guitars to the mix. Slower tracks like "Ivory Tower" and "Stargazer" explore the melodic side of the band, giving the album much diversity and balance.

Simply put, "Blackout" is one of the strongest EBM albums of 2004. Mixing the best parts of bands like Dubok, Stromkern and Neo Cyber Christ, PTI have demonstrated that huge talent does indeed exist outside the confines of Europe. Hopefully, "Blackout" is the first of many releases from PTI. With the recent release of Flesh Fields "Strain," PTI's "Blackout" and the upcoming Stromkern album "Light It Up," the United States should finally start getting some much deserved scene recognition.